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Business/Ag Debit Cards

Using the newest industry standards in encryption, you can use our chip-enabled EMV cards worry-free. When using a chip-enabled terminal, the tiny chip embedded in your card generates a unique code for every transaction, making it even harder for your information to be stolen.

Primebank Visa® Debit Card

The Primebank Visa® debit card gives you financial convenience and security. Don’t worry about carrying your check book, all you need is your debit card. Use it anywhere Visa® cards are accepted.
brella is a free mobile app that helps protect you from fraud by sending alerts when your card is used so you can quickly detect unauthorized activity and prevent fraud. You choose which alerts to receive and when. Alerts include:

  • Purchases exceeding thresholds you set
  • Purchases made via the internet or over the phone
  • Suspicious or high-risk purchases

Not only can you receive alerts but you can also:

  • Check your account balance without logging in with the Quick Balance feature
  • Find nearby ATMs
  • Submit travel notices
  • Log in with just your fingerprint

If you have an Apple device look for brella in the Apple App Store. If you have an android device you will have to go to your app store and search “brella Card Manager” to download the new brella app to your device.

Primebank is now offering Verified by Visa for your Primebank Visa Debit Card. Verified by Visa is a global solution designed to make online purchases more secure. It helps ensure that payments are made by the rightful owner of the Visa account, building consumer confidence in online shopping. Verified by Visa confirms an online shopper’s identity in real time by requiring an additional password or other data to help ensure that no one but the cardholder can use his Visa card online. This helps to prevent fraudulent purchases, before they occur, giving cardholders’ confidence and security, similar to a physical shopping environment while shopping online.

To activate this new service that is provided by Primebank, multiple enrollment options are available. You may enroll by visiting https://visa.com/verified, and enter your Primebank Visa card number. If not enrolled in the service, you will be asked to complete an activation page. After entering the required identity information, you will be able to create a password. Another option is activation while you shop. When shopping at participating Verified by Visa merchants, when you check out, pop-up windows will prompt you to enroll in the service and create a password.

Verified by Visa®

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