eBusiness Banking

Primebank's eBusiness Banking allows you to save time, improve your cash flow, and streamline your cash management procedures all in a fully secure environment. You have complete access to account balances and detailed transaction history. Transferring funds between accounts is easier than ever. Take advantage of all of the flexibility of ACH Transactions, you can save time and money by issuing your payroll electronically with direct deposit. eStatements are available through Primebank's eBusiness Banking allowing you to receive your statements faster and more securely since they won't be delivered through the mail.

eBusiness Banking Administrative tools allow you to organize and manage your financial information in ways that best work for your business.

We also employ strong online security measures that includes a security token to help insure that your information, and money is always safe.

Success is having the information you need and the control to manage it right at your fingertips. Our online cash management tools give you that information, and control when and where you need it.
Your business will find many advantages when using Primebank's Business eDeposit service. It is simple, fast and efficient. Here are just some of the ways you will benefit:

  • Using Business eDeposit could make your funds available sooner.
  • You can make deposits anytime, day or night without worrying about whether the bank is open or not.
  • Save time preparing deposits and traveling to the bank to deliver checks.
  • Business eDeposit allows you to consolidate deposits from multiple locations into one account.
  • Fully secure, our Business eDeposit features state of the art encryption reducing the chance for fraud or theft.

Business eDeposit is another way Primebank makes managing your business easier for you.
Fraud Prevention HQ is a multi-channel payment fraud monitoring solution. Account holders can police their own accounts by responding to actionable alerts for suspicious ACH, or check transactions. It helps move fraud monitoring out of the backroom and into the hands of customers. Fraud Prevention HQ boasts single sign-on with Primebank's online banking system.


  • Choose from standard, reverse, and payee positive pay options.
  • Return or pay when alerted for exceptions.
  • The ability to view issue file status, perform file reversals, and modify issue items.
  • Supports issue file mapping templates so that you can provide issue information in a format that works for you instead of being required to adhere to a specific format.


Transform costly, antiquated methods used to prevent posting of incoming unauthorized ACH debits and/or credits into a seamless, client-engaging, service with PRO-TECH, and ACH Positive Pay solution.

Clients want notifications with their interactive fraud-prevention services. PRO-TECH helps you deliver convenient alerts and account control to your business.

PRO-TECH's NACHA rules intelligence, automation and enterprise design is sophisticated enough to surpass the expectations of treasury clients, yet simple enough to be used by small business clients.

How it works

Clients decide how and under what conditions they get alerts for incoming ACH debits and credits upon receipt of an alert, you can return an ACH (or, when applicable, complete a pre-populated Written Statement of Unauthorized ACH Debit), pay it once, or add it to their approved list (filter setup is "on-the-fly") with optional parameters like maximum amount, frequency, and start and end date.

Fraud prevention HQ requires no system integration, systems replacement, or equipment purchases. Simply insert Fraud Prevention HQ into your daily processes.

Account Holder Benefits

  • Instant Visibility
  • More Control
  • Peace of Mind
  • Convenience

For more information contact a customer service representative at any of our four locations.
ACH, (Automated Clearing House) transactions are a fast, efficient method for making and receiving payments.

ACH allows you to create electronic payments and deposits and originate ACH transactions, when and where you want, safely and quickly. It is the cost effective way to handle routine transactions, and can be used for a wide variety of payments and deposits, including:

  • direct deposit of payroll
  • payments to vendors
  • federal tax payment
  • rent collection

Your business can easily add ACH transactions to your financial toll box. To get started all you need to do is give us a call at any of our locations.
Primebank Business Bill Pay allows you, as a business owner, to spend more time growing your business.

Our Business Bill Pay was designed with the small business customer in mind. It has a variety of features, including e-bills, faster payment capabilities, bill reminders and email alerts.

Additional small business functionality streamlines accounts payable tasks such as:

  • Attaching invoice details with e-bill payments
  • Consolidating multiple invoices into one vendor payment
  • Authorizing levels for additional employees

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