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eDeposit for Business

Primebank makes life easier.  With our Mobile eDeposit and eDeposit for Business we save you time and help you manage your cash flow all from the convenience of your mobile device or your office and it is all offered in a fully secure environment.

Your business will find many advantages when using Primebank's eDeposit for Business service. It is simple, fast and efficient. Here are just some of the ways you will benefit:

  • Using eDeposit for Business could make your funds available sooner.
  • You can make deposits anytime, day or night without worrying about whether the bank is open or not.
  • Save time preparing deposits and traveling to the bank to deliver checks.
  • Business eDeposit allows you to consolidate deposits from multiple locations into one account.
  • Fully secure, our eDeposit for Business features state of the art encryption reducing the chance for fraud or theft.

eDeposit for Business is another way Primebank makes managing your business easier for you.

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