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Personal Credit Cards

Primebank Visa® Credit Card
Primebank is here to help you with your debit and credit card needs. These personal card products each feature their own variety of great benefits, so you will have the right product for your needs.

With Primebank’s Visa® credit card you don’t have to choose between the value of a traditional Visa® Card or uChoose rewards®. With Primebank you get both!

Points earned with your Primebank Visa® credit card can be pooled with points earned with your Primebank debit card on a uPIC Points account.
Access Your Credit Card Account

Primebank makes it easier and more convenient than ever to manage your Primebank Visa® credit card account:

  • Enjoy the convenience of 24 hour access
  • Manage your account online
  • Download statements
  • Pay your bill online

Request your Credit Card Agreement

If you have a Primebank credit card and would like a copy of your cardholder agreement, please call us at (712) 541-6219 or click here to request a copy online.
Our credit card management tool is the next generation in digital credit card management and can help you from becoming a victim of credit card fraud.

The latest and most robust innovation in credit card management, this tool is integrated into our Mobile App and allows you to:

  • Receive instant alerts for suspected fraud
  • Report a missing card without making a phone call
  • Manage your card - you can turn it on and off
  • Gain Insights to review your spending
  • Set controls for were and how your card is used
  • Create travel plans

You now have a seamless card experience that will make your card even more convenient and secure.

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