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Good Neighbors Club

Banking with Primebank comes with many benefits and one of them is our very popular Good Neighbors Club, an exclusive service for our valued customers 55 or more years of age. The Good Neighbors Club opens the door to unique social and banking advantages including:

Travel opportunities – As a member of the Good Neighbors Club, you can take advantage of unique Primebank travel opportunities and experiences. Enjoy one-day trips, tours, theater productions, mystery trips, extensive vacations, and more all at special discount pricing.

In 2024, two spectacular trips are planned.  A land and cruise trip to Alaska in September, and an exclusive, behind the scenes, look at Nashville, Tennessee is a November trip you won't want to miss.  (Information for both trips is available by clicking for information in the Upcoming Good Neighbors Club Events to the right).

Social Events – As a member of the Good Neighbors Club, you will enjoy the company of friends and make new acquaintances during a variety of social events including potlucks, movies, card parties, educational seminars, and informational gatherings on topics of current interest.

Additional Benefits

  • Free personalized, special club checks for one account.
  • Free money orders and cashier’s checks
  • Free Newsletter
  • Free lamination and copy services
  • Safe Deposit box rental discount

It is simple to enjoy all the fun, friendship, and special banking privileges of the Good Neighbors Club. To become a Good Neighbors Club member, you or your spouse must be 55 or more years of age and maintain one of the following membership requirements:

  • A balance of $1,000 or more in any checking or savings account
  • A balance of $10,000 or more in a Certificate of Deposit
  • A balance of $25,000 or more in the Primebank Investment Center

For more information about our Good Neighbors Club or to sign up for Primebank events, contact our Good Neighbors Club Director, Debra VanDenBerg, at (712) 541-6241 or email

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